Frequently Asked Questions

Does RBTmachinery offer training?
RBTmachinery offers maintenance training to our customers. RBTmachinery provides 24/7/365 service. Contact the RBTmachinery Sales Engineer Department at (M/WhatsApp/Wechat/Viber)0086-13719040434 for more details. Or just email us

Does RBTmachinery sell used equipment?
We will maintain a section on the RBTmachinery Forums Classified Pages for used equipment as a free service to our customers.

Anyone wishing to sell used equipment can post it on the forums once they set up and confirm their RBTmachinery Forums account. We do not take part in these direct user transactions, nor do we have a financial interest; we simply provide a means by which buyers and sellers can get together. There is no charge to list used equipment for sale, and we impose no fees of any kind on buyers or sellers. If you are interested in buying or selling used equipment, go to the Classifieds section on our Forums and set-up an account and or just email us.

How long is RBTmachinery’s warranty?
Most RBTmachinery machines carry limited ONE-year warranties after manufacturing code. RBTmachinery provide customers RBT Machinery and Professional Textile Garment Printing Solutions with Lifetime repair, replace, free Consulting and diagnosis services.