About US

Rich Brother Textile Machinery, RBT Machinery is a professional Manufacturer and Exporter of Textile Germent Printing Digital Printiner and Digital Hybrid Screen Printing Equipment and the most respected name in the industry. RBT Machinery products include Direct to Film Printer, known as DTF Printer, Direct to Garment digital printers and as DTG Printer, Oval Screen Printer, Digital Hybrid Screen Printing Systems and Digital Hybrid Screen Printer, a broad range of textile & graphics presses and dryers, an extensive line of traditional and CTS exposure systems, and an impressive line of finishing equipment.

RBT Machinery will be known worldwide for its numerous patented innovations and work with customers and specialists in other fields to design custom industrial solutions to vexing problems. RBT Machinery manufactures over one hundred distinct types of equipment and hundreds of product models to address the vast and varied needs of the industry.

We envision a greener planet and garment decorating industry (both literally and figuratively) where RBT Machinery machines are used to build a movement of innovative communities who create amazing products, generate monumental economic gain, and have tons of fun doing it.

To manifest paradigm-shifting innovation for our apparel industry partners who aim to launch their businesses into hyperdrive with RBT Machinery-solid integrity.

Let’s Make the Garment Printing more Professional and Easier!

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